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Registration for the BIOEASTsUP Training


The mission of the BIOEAST Initiative is the development of knowledge and cooperation based circular bioeconomies to enhance inclusive growth in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries and also create value-added jobs especially in rural areas, maintaining or even strengthening environmental sustainability.

The BIOEASTsUP project was funded by the European Commission's H2020 programme with the main aim to support the BIOEAST initiative in the implementation of its Vision for 2030 and Action Plan.

The Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture as a key partner in the project together with the help of other Hungarian, Czech and German partners are organising bioeconomy themed knowledge exchange training for researchers, industrial stakeholders and rural facilitators.

Would you like to apply for the targeted training? Please scroll down and click on which target group you belong to. In each type of event, you can download the agenda from the website.

Please note that we can only accept registrations from the following CEE countries: (Latvia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czechia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia). Due to personal limitations, we can only accept max 8 participants per CEE Country per target group. 

Industrial Stakeholders

The aim of the training is to demonstrate the potential of bioeconomy, to engage these stakeholders in lively discussions, improve their business strategies and visions in order to further strengthen and upscale the bio-based sectors (dealing with bio-based value chains in e.g. agriculture, forestry, marine, bio-waste, food).

The training will help businesses to make knowledge based decisions about the adaptation of new innovation solutions to develop their own sustainable business models taking into account  sustainability considerations (economic, environmental and social).

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Research / Academia

The training course will provide a complete insight into writing and submitting competitive proposals in response to the priorities of the bioeconomy calls of Horizon Europe.

In this course we will introduce the participants actual call documents and work programme topics under Horizon Europe.

We will conduct a hands-on workshop on proposal writing in several steps throughout the two days taking a bioeconomy call, during which the participants will work in small groups to practice the first steps of proposal preparation. Participants will receive the online workshop material, which will include a call text (work programme topic), proposal templates, a preliminary project idea, and a set of exercises to go through. They will analyze the call text and assess whether the project idea fits the call and extract all the information that could be useful as input to the proposal. Step-by-step, they will define the proposal’s overall and specific objectives, activities and work plan, conceive a complementary consortium, discuss impact, dissemination and exploitation issues.

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Rural Facilitators

The purpose of this training program is to enable participants to learn and apply the knowledge and good practices that will enable them to participate consciously and successfully in bio-economic innovation programs. In connection with the thematic training program, participants will receive a professional handbook that provides an appropriate level of insight into the importance of the bio-economy field and its business environment.

The purpose of the 2-day training program is to draw attention to the specificities of the field and to the development of related skills and abilities that are essential for bio-economic innovation.

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